StorMagic SvSAN with HPE Servers

Embrace Software-Defined Storage and Eliminate the Need for Physical SANs

For business-critical applications, the goal should always be to avoid downtime and disruption as much as possible. This involves designing an IT infrastructure with adequate redundancy. It also encompasses the selection of reliable, quality hardware.

StorMagic SvSAN:
A Proven Storage Solution

StorMagic SvSAN is an ultra-lightweight virtual SAN that removes the need for physical SANs, eliminates downtime for business-critical applications, and lowers IT acquisition and operating costs.

SvSAN removes the need for a physical SAN in some of the world’s most demanding environments by converting the disk,
flash, and memory of two servers into a virtual SAN. It meets the needs of typical edge computing deployments such as remote or branch offices and small data centers that require a small IT footprint.

Put as simply as is possible, StorMagic gives you access to enterprise resiliency, without the enterprise price tag.

Meet Changing Performance and Capacity Requirements Without Impacting Service Availability

StorMagic SvSAN on HPE servers delivers the perfect combination of cost, performance, and high availability for edge sites, remote and branch offices, and small data centers. Combine the simplicity and affordability of StorMagic SvSAN with the ubiquity and popularity of HPE servers to benefit from a lightweight, highly available hyperconverged infrastructure that can be trusted to keep applications online.

StorMagic SvSAN simplifies storage at the edge by turning any two HPE servers into highly available shared storage. It is a sweet spot solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like retail stores, factories, warehouses, and even wind farms or oil rigs. In all of these deployments, SvSAN enables small hyperconverged clusters with an unrivaled level of simplicity and affordability.

High Availability
  • StorMagic SvSAN utilizes any two HPE servers’ internal storage and creates a virtual environment that runs on any storage type.

  • It can tolerate poor, unreliable networks, eliminate single points of failure, and ensure high availability in hard to reach locations.

  • It can tolerate poor, unreliable networks, eliminate single points of failure, and ensure high availability in hard to reach locations.
    • StorMagic SvSAN helps eliminate the need for physical SAN deployments at the edge.

    • It lowers CAPEX as significantly less hardware is required due to SvSAN’s lightweight requirements.

    • SvSAN significantly reduces OPEX through lower power consumption and cooling, requires less maintenance and spare parts, and reduces the need for specialist IT staff always to be on-site.
      • SvSAN can be configured precisely to fit a specific environment, eliminating over-provisioning.

      • StorMagic SvSAN has numerous deployment options – it can be deployed as a ‘build-your-own’, or as a pre-configured hyperconverged solution as well as a storage-only server SAN.

      • Easy to scale up and out, as and when required, with minimal disruption and cost.

        Resources to Get Started With StorMagic SvSAN with HPE Servers

        SvSAN and HPE is a tried-and-tested formula, deployed by businesses to maintain high availability in mission-critical systems. Read about how three European companies have deployed StorMagic SvSAN with HPE.

        StorMagic SvSAN with HPE ProLiant Gen10

        SvSAN is compatible with all HPE servers. Find out how the ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio can be combined with SvSAN to provide an innovative, high-performance solution.

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        Cloud-like agility.
        On-premises control.

        Find out how organizations can benefit by combining high performing, secure, and versatile HPE servers with StorMagic SvSAN’s affordability, simplicity, and flexibility.

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